The Edge Dining Room, Restaurant in Sheffield

The Edge Dining Room

Our on site kitchen serving hearty, home cooked meals

The Edge Dining Room is here when your mum isn’t, serving you great, healthy dinners when you just can’t be bothered to cook yourself. Situated in the heart of the Endcliffe/Ranmoor residences, the Dining Room is the perfect place to eat dinner with your mates before heading upstairs to The Edge Bar for drinks.

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You can choose from meals such as spicy bean and chorizo casserole dishes, bolognese, stew and dumplings, Sunday roasts and fish and chips. The menu changes on a regular basis and it’s super flexible so you can choose your sides separately from your main course. Desserts are also available if you want them of course!

If you’re living in catered accommodation, this will probably be your main hang out for evening meals.

More information

The Edge Dining Room is open every day Monday to Sunday from 5 – 7pm. You can also talk to us on Twitter by following @EdgeFood.